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Taylor has always been an artist, his talents started in freehand art and evolved into photography when he was lent his first high-quality DSLR for a trip. Early in his photography career, Taylor's talents grew from his friendships with other professional photographers. Now, a decade later, Taylor has been able to consistently create masterful shots from the world's best vantage points that he proudly presents to you here on this site.

What He Does


Proudly presented to you on this site, Taylor's photography has always been a search for the most beautiful and stunning sites and locations on the planet. His passion for finding Earth's beauty comes through the lens in every shot. Sometimes the drive to get the perfect shot has him on location for months at a time.

Freehand Art

Immersed and rooted in all forms of art, Taylor also creates abstract and impressionistic paintings. Acrylic on canvas was his artistic beginning. He won awards and had many pieces of his work in city art galleries. In his free time he likes to create paintings even still to this day.

Art in Three Dimensions

In a search for a cloud-like chandelier for his home, Taylor wasn't satisfied with any of the very-few options that were available. Thus inspiring him to design and create the magnificent and beautiful cloud chandelier, not only for his own home, but for everyone that appreciates beauty in their homes. Don't miss your chance to compliment your wall art with an exquisite ceiling art addition for your room.

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