Taylor Fausett Fine Art Photography

From the famous Horseshoe Bend at one of the natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon. 

"On my photography bucket list, has always sat the infamous Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon shot. I framed and staked out this location with months of planning. I returned many times to chase the perfection of skies and conditions that this location deserves. During an approaching purple sunset, a single cloud layer lowered in directly in the path of the only remaining golden rays of light. The cloud acted as a light scattering filter and lit the whole canyon up with the most spectacular showing of gold I have ever seen. ...standing on the edge of the oblivion I almost forgot I was on Earth. Pressing that photo button, I knew I had captured one of the most spectacular moments ever collected into my camera. I present to you, my pride and joy." - Taylor Fausett

This photo, and all photos from the Taylor Fausett collection are taken in Ultra HD quality with state of the art equipment and lenses. 

Make a statement with a stunning photo for your space printed in a variety of formats. All artwork is offered in HD acrylic glass photo prints, metal prints, canvas prints, and now for the first time ever, Ultra Large Masterpiece size on select photos.

If you do not see a size or material that you are looking for, please reach out by email, as some custom orders may be accommodated. 

All products purchased are made to order, and cannot be returned or refunded. All sales are final. Taylor Fausett and Taylor Fausett Photography are not responsible for any delays or lost shipments caused by a third party, or stolen goods. 

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