"I waited over a year for this shot. Hidden in the southern California coast, this cave is only accessible during the King tides. Years of planning with the tides and the alignment with sunset all came to a fantastic end. I spent 4 hours down in the cave, wet up to my waist in a wetsuit, I carried in my dry bags and kept a surfboard near by in case the tides came in unexpectedly or things started to get scary. The hours spent soaking wet were all worth while, I would return in a heartbeat." -Taylor Fausett

All prints are of a limited set that will neve be increased. With each print you will receive a print number certificate of the limited set. Specific prints are subject to availability. When the edition is sold out there will never be a second release. Pricing is subject to appreciation based on percentage of edition sold. Some sizes may be slightly different than the standard 1.5:1 ratio listed, in such case, a sales rep will contact you and verify the master dimensions for your particular print before the print is made. 

This photo is taken in Ultra HD quality and printed on metallic paper to ensure a razor sharp and contrast rich image. Mounted behind acrylic, we create gallery level stunning imagery available within your home or office. Transform your living space into an impressive gallery.